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Leviticus Emor
  Acharey Mot
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23:20 The priest shall make the motions prescribed for a wave offering before God with the bread for the first-harvest offering and the two sheep. They belong to the priest as something sacred to God.
Vehenif hakohen otam al lechem habikurim tnufah lifney Adonay al-shney kevasim kodesh yihyu l'Adonay lakohen.
23:21 This very day shall be celebrated as a sacred holiday when no service work may be done. This is an eternal law for all generations, no matter where you may live.
Ukeratem be'etsem hayom hazeh mikra-kodesh yihyeh lachem kol-melechet avodah lo ta'asu chukat olam bechol-moshvoteychem ledoroteychem.


to the priest
  (Ralbag; cf. Yad, Temidim 8:11).

an eternal law...
  To count the omer, even when there is no sacrifice (Sforno).

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