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Leviticus Emor
  Acharey Mot
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23:15 You shall then count seven complete weeks after the day following the [Passover] holiday when you brought the omer as a wave offering,
Usfartem lachem mimochorat haShabat miyom havi'achem et-omer hatnufah sheva Shabatot tmimot tihyeynah.
23:16 until the day after the seventh week, when there will be [a total of] 50 days. [On that 50th day] you may present new grain as a meal offering to God.
Ad mimochorat haShabat hashvi'it tisperu chamishim yom vehikravtem minchah chadashah l'Adonay.


You shall then count
  This is the commandment to count the Omer (Sefer HaMitzvoth, Positive 161).

50th day
  (Rashi). Pentacost in Greek.

you may present new grain
  (Menachoth 84b; Sifra; Rashi; Yad, Issurey Mizbeach 5:10). Or, 'you shall bring an offering of new grain,' namely the two loaves mentioned in Leviticus 23:17 (Menachoth 83b; Yad, Temidim 8:2).

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