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Leviticus Emor
  Acharey Mot
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22:9 [The priests] shall thus keep My charge and not profane [the sacred offering], which is a sin that can cause them to die. I am God [and] I am making them holy.
Veshameru et-mishmarti velo-yis'u alav chet umetu vo ki yechaleluhu ani Adonay mekadesham.
22:10 No non-priest may eat the sacred offering. Even if a person resides with a priest or is hired by him, that person may not eat the sacred offering.
Vechol-zar lo-yochal kodesh toshav kohen vesachir lo-yochal kodesh.


keep My charge
  By not eating sacred offerings while unclean. This is also speaking of terumah, the priestly agricultural offering (Rashi).

sacred offering
  The Torah here is specifically speaking of terumah, the priestly agricultural offering (Sifra; Yevamoth 70b; Rashi). See Leviticus 22:12.

if a person...
  Even a Hebrew slave, and even if his ear has been pierced as in Exodus 21:6 (Yevamoth 70a; Rashi).

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