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Leviticus Emor
  Acharey Mot
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21:18 Thus, any blemished priest may not offer sacrifice.

[This includes] anyone who is blind or lame, or who has a deformed nose or a misshapen limb.
Ki chol-ish asher-bo mum lo yikrav ish iver o fise'ach o charum o sarua.

21:19 [Also included] is anyone who has a crippled leg, a crippled hand,
O ish asher-yihyeh vo shever ragel o shever yad.


  Literally 'man.'

  Even in one eye (Bekhoroth 44a).

  Or, 'paralyzed' (Saadia).

deformed nose
  (Septuagint; Targum Yonathan). Charum in Hebrew. This includes one whose nose is abnormally long or short, or who has an unopened nostril (Bekhoroth 43a; Yad, Biyath HaMikdash 8:7; Ramban). Or, 'broken-nosed' (Saadia; cf. Chizzkuni). Some say that this is speaking specifically of a deformity where the bridge of the nose between the eyes is sunken (Rashi; Radak, Sherashim). Others say that it is speaking of one who has part of the lower septum missing (Ibn Janach).

According to others, however, charum denotes a person who has a missing limb (Ralbag) or one that is too short (Ibn Ezra; see next note, 'misshapen limb'.

misshapen limb
  (Sifra). Sarua in Hebrew. Some say that this includes anyone who has a limb that is disproportionate, while others say that it denotes an oversized limb (Ibn Ezra; cf. Isaiah 28:20) or an extra limb (Ralbag). It includes such specific deformities as a club foot or an overly wide foot (Sifra) or eyes that are unusually large or small (Rashi).

According to some, sarua denotes a person who limps (Saadia), or who has a dislocated hip (Targum Yonathan; Yad, Biyath HaMikdash 7:9; Ibn Janach, Radak, Sherashim). Some sources state that it denotes one who has mutilated ears (Septuagint; cf. Ralbag).

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