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Leviticus VaYikra
  Acharey Mot
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2:8 You may thus bring a meal offering in any of these ways [as an offering] to God. It shall be presented to the priest and brought to the altar.
Veheveta et-haminchah asher ye'aseh me'eleh l'Adonay vehikrivah el-hakohen vehigishah el-hamizbe'ach.
2:9 The priest shall then lift out the memorial portion from the meal offering, and burn it on the altar. It is a fire offering, an appeasing fragrance to God.
Veherim hakohen min-haminchah et-azkaratah vehiktir hamizbechah isheh re'ach nichoach l'Adonay.
2:10 The remainder of the meal offering then belongs to Aaron and his descendants. It is holy of holies, one of God's fire offerings.
Vehanoteret min-haminchah le-Aharon ulevanav kodesh kodashim me'ishey Adonay.


lift out
  Or, 'raise to a higher status.' Harem in Hebrew, related to the word terumah. See Leviticus 6:8. After the loaf was broken into pieces (Leviticus 2:6), the priest would scoop out three fingers full as Leviticus 2:2 (Menachoth 61a; Rashi).

these ways
  Baked in an oven, on a pan, or in a deep pot (Rashi).

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