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9:28 Pray to God. There has been enough of this supernatural thunder and hail. I will let you leave. You will not be delayed again.'
Hatiru el-Adonay verav miheyot kolot Elohim uvarad va'ashalechah etchem velo tosifun la'amod.
9:29 Moses said to him, 'When I go out of the city, I will spread my hands [in prayer] to God. The thunder will then stop, and there will not be any more hail. You will then know that the whole world belongs to God.
Vayomer elav Moshe ketseti et-ha'ir efros et-kapay el-Adonay hakolot yechdalun vehabarad lo yihyeh-od lema'an teda ki l'Adonay ha'arets.
9:30 'I realize that you and your subjects still do not fear God.
Ve'atah va'avadeycha yadati ki terem tir'un mipeney Adonay Elohim.


  (cf. Ralbag). Literally, 'God's thunder.' (cf. Targum; Targum Yonathan).

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