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9:19 'Now send word and make arrangements to shelter your livestock and everything else you have in the field. Any man or beast who remains in the field, and does not come indoors, will be pelted by the hail and will die.'
Ve'atah shlach ha'ez et-miknecha ve'et kol-asher lecha basadeh kol-ha'adam vehabehemah asher-yimatse vasadeh velo ye'asef habaytah veyarad alehem habarad vametu.
9:20 Some of Pharaoh's subjects feared God's word, and they made their slaves and livestock flee indoors.
Hayare et-dvar Adonay me'avdey Par'oh henis et-avadav ve'et-miknehu el-habatim.


Some of...
  This is not part of Moses' speech (Targum Yonathan). According to some, however, it is (cf. Sforno).

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