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Exodus VaEra
  Ki Tisa
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8:10 [The Egyptians] gathered them into great heaps, and the land stank.
Vayitsberu otam chamarim chamarim vativ'ash ha'arets.
8:11 When Pharaoh saw that there had been a respite, he hardened his heart and would not listen to them, just as God had predicted.
Vayar Par'oh ki hayetah harevachah vehachbed et-libo velo shama alehem ka'asher diber Adonay.
8:12 God said to Moses, 'Tell Aaron to hold out his staff and strike the dust of the earth. It will turn into lice all over Egypt.'
Vayomer Adonay el-Moshe emor el-Aharon neteh et-matcha vehach et-afar ha'arets vehayah lechinim bechol erets Mitsrayim.

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