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6:19 The sons of Merari: Machli and Mushi.

According to their family records, the above are the families of Levi.
Uveney Merari Machli uMushi eleh mishpechot haLevi letoldotam.

6:20 Amram married his aunt Yokhebed, and she bore him Aaron and Moses. Amram lived to be 137 years old.
Vayikach Amram et-Yocheved dodato lo le'ishah vateled lo et-Aharon ve'et-Moshe ushney chayey Amram sheva ushloshim ume'at shanah.


sons of Merari
  Numbers 3:20, 3:33, 1 Chronicles 6:4, 6:14, 23:21, 24:26.

  Cf. Numbers 3:33, 26:58, Ezra 8:18. Also see 1 Chronicles 6:32, 23:21. There was also a Machli who was the son of Mushi; 1 Chronicles 6:32, 23:23, 24:30.

  Numbers 3:33, 26:58, 1 Chronicles 6:32, 23:23, 24:30.

his aunt
  See Exodus, 2:1. After the Torah was given, it was forbidden for a man to marry his aunt; Leviticus 18:12, 20:19 (see Yerushalmi, Yevamoth 11:2; Chizzkuni). Some ancient sources indicate that Yokhebed was not Amram's aunt, but his cousin (Septuagint; Syriac). According to this she would be a granddaughter rather than a daughter of Levi.

  See Numbers 26:59. Josephus (2:9:4), gives her name as Yokhabel.

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