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Exodus Ki Tisa
  Ki Tisa
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Ki Tisa

 33:18  33:19
33:19 [God] replied, 'I will make all My good pass before you, and reveal the Divine Name in your presence. [But still,] I will have mercy and show kindness to whomever I desire.'
Vayomer ani a'avir kol-tuvi al-paneycha vekarati veshem Adonay lefaneycha vechanoti et-asher achon verichamti et-asher arachem.
33:20 [God then] explained, 'You cannot have a vision of My Presence. A man cannot have a vision of Me and still exist.'
Vayomer lo tuchal lir'ot et-panay ki lo-yir'ani ha'adam vachay.


But still...
  (see Berakhoth 7a). Or, 'I will let you know to whom I will show mercy and kindness' (Rashbam; Ramban).

and still exist
  Literally, 'and live.' Or, 'No man nor any other living creature can see Me' (Ralbag).

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