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Exodus Ki Tisa
  Ki Tisa
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Ki Tisa

32:32 Now, if You would, please forgive their sin. If not, You can blot me out from the book that You have written.'
Ve'atah im-tisa chatatam ve'im-ayin mecheni na misifrecha asher katavta.
32:33 God replied to Moses, 'I will blot out from My book those who have sinned against Me.
Vayomer Adonay el-Moshe mi asher chata-li emchenu misifri.


the book
  An allegory meaning, 'erase me from Your memory' (Moreh Nevukhim 2:47), or, 'blot me out from all creation' (Ralbag). Others see it as meaning, 'blot me out from the book of life,' that is, 'kill me' (Abarbanel; cf. Targum Yonathan; Rosh HaShanah 16b). Alternatively, the 'book' denotes the Torah itself (Rashi).

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