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Exodus Tetsaveh
  Ki Tisa
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30:1 Seventh Reading
Make an altar to burn incense out of acacia wood.
Ve'asita mizbe'ach miktar ketoret atsey shitim ta'aseh oto.
30:2 It shall be square, a cubit long and a cubit wide, and 2 cubits high, including its horns.
Amah orko ve'amah rochbo ravua yihyeh ve'amatayim komato mimenu karnotav.


a cubit long...
  It was therefore 18' x 18' x 36'. Some say that it was 15' x 15' x 30' (Eruvin 4a; Maaseh Choshev 7:1). It appears that it was made of solid wood (cf. Exodus 27:8), although some say that it was like an inverted box (Maaseh Choshev 7:1).

  Or 'protrusions' (see Exodus 27:2). Some say that these protrusions were small cubes, three fingerbreadths (2 1/4') on each side (Maaseh Choshev 7:1). Others, however, maintain that they were horn-like protrusions. See note on Exodus 27:2.

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