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29:22 Take the [intestinal] fat of the [second] ram, along with its broad tail, the fatty layer covering the stomachs, the lobe of the liver, the two kidneys together with their fat, and the right hind leg, since this ram is an installation [offering].
Velakachta min-ha'ayil hachelev veha'alyah ve'et-hachelev hamechaseh et-hakerev ve'et yoteret hakaved ve'et shtey haklayot ve'et-hachelev asher aleyhen ve'et shok hayamin ki eyl milu'im hu.
29:23 [Also take] one cake of [unleavened] bread, one loaf of oil bread, and one flat cake from the basket of unleavened bread that is before God.
Vechikar lechem achat vechalat lechem shemen achat verakik echad misal hamatsot asher lifney Adonay.


intestinal fat
  The fat on the stomachs. See Leviticus 3:3.

broad tail
  On sheep, the tail grows long and very fat.

  See Leviticus 3:3.

installation offering
  It is offered like a peace offering, see Leviticus 3.

Also take...
  See Exodus 29:2.

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