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28:43 [All these vestments] must be worn by Aaron and his sons whenever they enter the Communion Tent or offer sacrifice on the altar, performing the divine service in the sanctuary; otherwise they will have committed a sin and they will die. This shall be a law for [Aaron] and his descendants after him for all time.
Vehayu al-Aharon ve'al-banav bevo'am el-Ohel Mo'ed o vegishtam el-hamizbe'ach lesharet bakodesh velo-yis'u avon vametu chukat olam lo ulezar'o acharav.
29:1 Fourth Reading
This is what you, [Moses] must do to consecrate [Aaron and his sons] as priests to Me.

Take a young bull, two unblemished rams,
Vezeh hadavar asher ta'aseh lahem lekadesh otam lechahen li lekach par echad ben-bakar ve'eylim shnayim tmimim.


All these...
  (Rashi). Or, 'the pants' (Ramban).

young bull
  In its second year (Parah 1:2; Yad, Maaseh Korbanoth 1:14). See Leviticus 8:2.

  Also in their second year (Parah 1:3).

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