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28:35 Aaron shall wear [this robe] when he performs the divine service. The sound [of the bells] shall be heard when he enters the sanctuary before God, and when he goes out, so that he not die.
Vehayah al-Aharon lesharet venishma kolo bevo'o el-hakodesh lifney Adonay uvetseto velo yamut.
28:36 Make a forehead-plate of pure gold, and engrave on it in the same manner as a signet ring, [the words], 'Holy to God.'
Ve'asita tsits zahav tahor ufitachta alav pituchey chotam kodesh l'Adonay.


  This was a thin gold plate, 2 fingerbreadths (1 1/2') wide, and extending from ear to ear (Shabbath 63b).

Holy to God
  Or, 'consecrated to God,' Kodesh-le-YHVH in Hebrew. The letters were made so they protruded from the front of the plate, like letters on a coin (Gittin 20a; cf. Yad, Kley HaMikdash 9:3, Raavad ad loc.).

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