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28:27 Make [another] two gold rings, and attach them to the bottoms of the two shoulder pieces, toward the front where they are sewn on, above the ephod's belt.
Ve'asita shtey tabe'ot zahav venatatah otam al-shtey chitfot ha'efod milmatah mimul panav le'umat machbarto mima'al lecheshev ha'efod.
28:28 Lace the [lower] rings of the breastplate to the [lower] rings of the ephod with a twist of sky-blue wool, so that [the breastplate] shall remain directly above the ephod's belt.
Veyirkesu et-hachoshen mitabe'otav el-tabe'ot ha'efod biftil tchelet lihyot al-cheshev ha'efod velo-yizach hachoshen me'al ha'efod.


bottoms of the two shoulder pieces
  Or, 'bottoms of the sleeves' (see note on Exodus 28:6). These rings were near the breasts, under the armpits (Yad, Kley HaMikdash 9:8, 9:11).

above the ephod's belt
  According to those who maintain that the shoulder pieces were straps, they were sewn on the back above the ephod's belt (see note on Exodus 28:6)

  Or 'bind' (Rashi; Rashbam). Rakhas in Hebrew. Or, 'unite' (Onkelos), or 'tighten' (Ibn Janach; Lekach Tov on Exodus 38:28). Or, 'they shall raise the breastplate so that its rings are near the rings of the ephod (Radak, Sherashim). Or, 'fill in the space between the breastplate's rings and the ephod's rings with twisted thread of blue wool' (Josephus, Antiquities 3:7:5); cf. Targum Yonathan). See Isaiah 40:4, Psalms 31:21.

  (Rashi on Exodus 28:6; Yad, Kley HaMikdash 9:11; Meiri, Yoma 72b). Josephus, however, maintains that the entire space between all four rings was interwoven with blue thread (Antiquities 3:7:5, see note, this verse, 'lace').

  This can denote either two strands twisted together, or a thread doubled over. It can also denote a bunch of threads bound together by another thread wound around them. See note on Numbers 15:38. Also see Genesis 38:18, Exodus 28:37.

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