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Exodus Tetsaveh
  Ki Tisa
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28:22 Make matched cables out of pure gold, braided like cords, for the breastplate.
Ve'asita al-hachoshen sharshot gavlut ma'aseh avot zahav tahor.
28:23 Make two gold rings for the breastplate, and attach them to the two [upper] corners of the breastplate.
Ve'asita al-hachoshen shtey tabe'ot zahav venatata et-shtey hataba'ot al-shney ketsot hachoshen.
28:24 Attach the two gold braids to the two rings on the two corners of the breastplate.
Venatatah et-shtey avotot hazahav al-shtey hataba'ot el-ketsot hachoshen.


for the breastplate
  (Rashi). According to this, these are the same ones mentioned above (Exodus 28:14). Others translate this verse, 'attach matched the breastplate.' See Exodus 39:15 (see figure). According to this, these were a second set of cables, fixed to the breastplate and then attached to the ephod's shoulder settings. This opinion maintains that there were two cables on each upper corner of the breastplate, one coming down from the ephod, and one going up from the breastplate itself (Midrash HaGadol; Avraham ben HaRambam; cf. Josephus, Antiquities 3:7:5).

  (Rashi; Rashbam).

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