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27:21 Aaron and his sons shall arrange for [the lamps to burn] from evening until morning in God's presence, in the Communion Tent, outside the cloth partition that conceals the [Ark of] Testimony. It is a rule for all time that [this oil shall come] from the Israelites.
Be'Ohel Mo'ed michuts laparochet asher al-ha'edut ya'aroch oto Aharon uvanav me'erev ad-boker lifney Adonay chukat olam ledorotam me'et beney Yisra'el.


Communion Tent
  See note on Exodus 25:22, 33:7. Or, 'meeting tent,' since the Israelites would gather around it (Radak, s.v.ya'ad). The Hebrew word mo'ed here can also be related to eduth, since both share the same root, and hence it can be translated, 'Testimony Tent.' Following the usual meaning of the word mo'ed, the expression can also be rendered, 'Festive Tent.'

  See Exodus 25:16. The word eduth which we translated as 'testimony' can also be translated as 'communion' or 'token of communion.' See note, this verse, 'Communion Tent.'

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