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Exodus Terumah
  Ki Tisa
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27:12 The width of the hangings at the western end of the enclosure shall be 50 cubits, and it shall have 10 pillars and 10 bases.
Verochav hechatser life'at-yam kla'im chamishim amah amudeyhem asarah ve'adneyhem asarah.
27:13 The width of the enclosure at its eastern end shall [also] be 50 cubits.
Verochav hechatser life'at kedmah mizrachah chamishim amah.
27:14 [Of this,] the hangings on one side of [the entrance] shall be 15 cubits long, with 3 pillars and 3 bases.
Vachamesh esreh amah kla'im lakatef amudeyhem shloshah ve'adneyhem shloshah.

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