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26:12 There will then remain an extra portion from what is left over in [the breadth] of the sheets of the tent. The extra half sheet shall trail behind the back of the tabernacle.
Veserach ha'odef biryot ha'ohel chatsi hayeri'ah ha'odefet tisrach al achorey haMishkan.


The extra half sheet...
  Since there were 11 sheets, and half a sheet hung down over the front of the tabernacle (Exodus 26:9). This half sheet was 2 cubits wide. According to the one who holds that the beams were a cubit wide on top, (see Exodus 26:6, 26:24), one cubit covered the bases, and one cubit trailed on the ground behind the tabernacle. According to the one who holds that the beams were narrow on top, two cubits trailed behind (Shabbath 98b). Some say that the curtains did not actually trail on the ground, but were held away from the tabernacle by the stakes (Bekhor Shor; Chizzkuni).

As mentioned above, (Exodus 26:9), there is an opinion that the entire sixth sheet hung over the front of the tabernacle. This would follow the opinion that the beams were narrow on top, and that the covering hung down a full 10 cubits in the back. This verse would then be translated, 'The remainder of the tent's sheets shall hang down. Half of [the first group] of remaining sheets shall hang down over the rear of the tabernacle.' The group of 5 sheets was 20 cubits wide, and half of it would be the 10 cubits of the height of the tabernacle.

  The west side.

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