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  Ki Tisa
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25:24 Cover it with a layer of pure gold, and make a gold rim all around it.
Vetsipita oto zahav tahor ve'asita lo zer zahav saviv.
25:25 Make a frame a handbreadth wide all around the table, and on the frame all around, the golden rim shall be placed.
Ve'asita lo misgeret tofach saviv ve'asita zer-zahav lemisgarto saviv.


Cover it...
  Some say that the table was covered with gold only on the outside (Paaneach Raza on Exodus 25:11). Others, however, maintain that it was gilded on all sides (Abarbanel; cf. Tosafoth Chagigah 26b, s.v. Kaan).

gold rim
  See Exodus 25:11. Or 'crown' (cf. Rashi).

  This frame held the table's legs together, and the top board of the table was placed upon it (Tosefta, Menachoth 11:3; Menachoth 96b; Ralbag; Radak s.v. Zer). Others maintain that this was a wooden rim around the top of the table upon which the crown was placed (Ibid.; Chizzkuni). According to this opinion, the frame was to the sides of the table, so that the entire top was exposed (Menacoth 96b). Some say that this frame was held in place by the crown around the top of the table board (Abarbanel), but this seems to go against the Talmud. According to some, the rim was directly on the edge of the table, protruding above the flat surface and attached to the legs (Josephus 3:6:6).

and on the frame...
  Since the table only had a single golden rim, and not two (Rashi; cf. Yoma 72b). According to the opinion that the frame was below the table top, the rim ran around the frame, and extended somewhat above the table top, possibly to hold it in place (Ralbag; Maaseh Choshev 7:2). According to those who maintain that the frame was above the table top, the crown was on the frame (Chizzkuni). There are, however, some who maintain that there were two rims, one on the table top to hold the frame, and another on the frame itself (Abarbanel).

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