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  Ki Tisa
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20:5 Do not bow down to [such gods] or worship them. I am God your Lord, a God who demands exclusive worship. Where My enemies are concerned, I keep in mind the sin of the fathers for [their] descendants, to the third and fourth [generation].
Lo-tishtachaveh lahem velo ta'ovdem ki anochi Adonay Eloheycha El kana poked avon avot al-banim al-shileshim ve'al-ribe'im leson'ay.


who demands...
  (Hirsch). Kana in Hebrew, used exclusively with relation to God; Exodus 34:14, Deuteronomy 4:24, 5:9, 6:15; cf. Joshua 24:19, Nahum 1:2. On the basis of the verbal form, 'jealous,' 'zealous,' or 'vengeful' (Mekhilta; Rashi), but more accurately, 'acting to punish' (Moreh Nevukhim 1:44; cf. Saadia Gaon).

for their descendants
  But only if they follow their fathers' ways; cf. Deuteronomy 24:16 (Berakhoth 7a).

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