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17:10 Joshua did as Moses had told him, engaging Amalek in battle. Moses, Aaron and Chur went up to the top of the hill.
Vaya'as Yehoshua ka'asher amar-lo Moshe lehilachem ba'Amalek uMoshe Aharon veChur alu rosh hagiv'ah.
17:11 As long as Moses held his hands up, Israel would be winning, but as soon as he let his hands down, the battle would go in Amalek's favor.
Vehayah ka'asher yarim Moshe yado vegavar Yisra'el vecha'asher yaniach yado vegavar Amalek.


  Or Hur. He was an important leader with Aaron (Exodus 24:14) of the tribe of Judah (Exodus 31:2). His genealogy was Judah, Peretz, Chetzron, Caleb, Chur (1 Chronicles 2:18,19; cf. Genesis 46:12). According to tradition, the Ephrath in 1 Chronicles 2:19 who was Caleb's wife was Miriam, and therefore, Chur was Miriam's son (Rashi; Sh'moth Rabbah 40:4; Targum on 1 Chronicles 2:19). Others say that Chur was Miriam's husband (Josephus 3:2:4). Talmudic tradition states that Chur was killed when he tried to prevent the worship of the Golden Calf (Sanhedrin 7a; Targum Yonathan, Rashi, on Exodus 32:5).

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