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Exodus BeShalach
  Ki Tisa
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16:17 When the Israelites went to do this, some gathered more and some less.
Vaya'asu-chen beney Yisra'el vayilketu hamarbeh vehamam'it.
16:18 But when they measured it with an omer, the one who had taken more did not have any extra, and the one who had taken less did not have too little. They had gathered exactly enough for each one to eat.
Vayamodu va'omer velo hedif hamarbeh vehamam'it lo hechsir ish lefi-ochlo lakatu.
16:19 Moses announced to them, 'Let no man leave any over until morning.'
Vayomer Moshe alehem ish al-yoter mimenu ad-boker.
16:20 Some men did not listen to Moses and left a portion over for the morning. It became putrid and maggoty with worms. Moses was angry with [these people].
Velo-sham'u el-Moshe vayotiru anashim mimenu ad-boker vayarum tola'im vayiv'ash vayiktsof alehem Moshe.

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