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Exodus BeShalach
  Ki Tisa
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14:9 Second Reading
Setting out after [the Israelites], the Egyptians overtook them while they were camping by the sea, at Freedom Valley, opposite Lord-of-the-North. All of Pharaoh's chariot horses, cavalry and infantry were there.
Vayirdefu Mitsrayim achareyhem vayasigu otam chonim al-hayam kol-sus rechev Par'oh ufarashav vecheylo al-Pi haChirot lifney ba'al tsfon.
14:10 As Pharaoh came close, the Israelites looked up. They saw the Egyptians marching at their rear, and the people became very frightened.

The Israelites cried out to God.
UFar'oh hikriv vayis'u veney-Yisra'el et-eyneyhem vehineh Mitsrayim nosea achareyhem vayir'u me'od vayits'aku veney-Yisra'el el-Adonay.

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