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14:21 Moses extended his hand over the sea. During the entire night, God drove back the sea with a powerful east wind, transforming the sea bed into dry land. The waters were divided.
Vayet Moshe et-yado al-hayam vayolech Adonay et-hayam beruach kadim azah kol-halaylah vayasem et-hayam lecharavah vayibak'u hamayim.
14:22 The Israelites entered the sea bed on dry land. The water was on their right and left like [two] walls.
Vayavo'u veney-Yisra'el betoch hayam bayabashah vehamayim lahem chomah miyeminam umismolam.


like two walls
  Here we clearly see that it was not merely a low tide. The place of the crossing was apparently known in Talmudical times, since there is a special blessing said when one sees it (Berakhoth 54a; cf. Nesiath Rabbi Ovadiah MeBertenoro 3).

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