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Exodus Bo
  Ki Tisa
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12:48 When a proselyte joins you and wants to offer the Passover sacrifice to God, every male [in his household] must be circumcised. He may then join in the observance, and be like a native-born [Israelite]. But no uncircumcised man may eat [the sacrifice].
Vechi-yagur itcha ger ve'asah Fesach l'Adonay himol lo chol-zachar ve'az yikrav la'asoto vehayah ke'ezrach ha'arets vechol-arel lo-yochal bo.
12:49 The same law shall apply both for the native-born [Israelite] and for the proselyte who joins you.'
Torah achat yihyeh la'ezrach velager hagar betochechem.

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