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Exodus Bo
  Ki Tisa
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12:43 God said to Moses and Aaron, 'This is the law of the Passover sacrifice:

'No outsider may eat it.
Vayomer Adonay el-Moshe ve'Aharon zot chukat haPasach kol-ben-nechar lo-yochal bo.

12:44 If a man buys a slave for cash and circumcises him, then [the slave] can eat it.
Vechol-eved ish miknat-kasef umaltah oto az yochal bo.
12:45 [But if a gentile is] a temporary resident or a hired hand, he may not eat [the Passover sacrifice].
Toshav vesachir lo-yochal bo.
12:46 'It must be eaten by a single group. Do not bring any of its meat out of the group. Do not break any of its bones.
Bevayit echad ye'achel lo-totsi min-habayit min-habasar chutsah ve'etsem lo-tishberu-vo.
12:47 'The entire community of Israel must keep [this ritual].
Kol-adat Yisra'el ya'asu oto.


single group
  (Mekhilta; Saadia; Rashi). Literally, 'in one house.'

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