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Exodus Bo
  Ki Tisa
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12:13 The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are staying. I will see the blood and pass you by (pasach). There will not be any deadly plague among you when I strike Egypt.
Vehayah hadam lachem le'ot al habatim asher atem sham vera'iti et-hadam ufasachti alechem velo-yihyeh vachem negef lemashchit behakoti be'erets Mitsrayim.
12:14 This day must be one that you will remember. You must keep it as a festival to God for all generations. It is a law for all time that you must celebrate it.
Vehayah hayom hazeh lachem lezikaron vechagotem oto chag l'Adonay ledoroteychem chukat olam techaguhu.

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