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Exodus Bo
  Ki Tisa
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10:15 The [locusts] covered the entire surface of the land, making the ground black. They ate all the plants on the ground and all the fruit on the trees, whatever had been spared by the hail. Nothing green remained on the trees and plants throughout all Egypt.
Vayechas et-eyn kol-ha'arets vatecheshach ha'arets vayochal et-kol-esev ha'arets ve'et kol-peri ha'ets asher hotir habarad velo-notar kol-yerek ba'ets uve'esev hasadeh bechol-erets Mitsrayim.
10:16 Pharaoh hastily summoned Moses and Aaron. 'I have committed a crime,' he said, 'both to God your Lord and to you.
Vayemaher Par'oh likro le-Moshe ule-Aharon vayomer chatati l'Adonay Eloheychem velachem.

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