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49:33 Jacob thus concluded his instructions to his sons. He drew his feet back onto the bed, breathed his last, and was brought back to his people.
Vayechal Ya'akov letsavot et-banav vaye'esof raglav el-hamitah vayigva vaye'asef el-amav.
50:1 Joseph fell on his father's face. He wept there and kissed [his father].
Vayipol Yosef al-peney aviv vayevk alav vayishak-lo.
50:2 Joseph then ordered his servants, the physicians, to embalm his father. The physicians thus embalmed Israel.
Vayetsav Yosef et-avadav et-harofim lachanot et-aviv vayachantu harof'im et-Yisra'el.


  However, Jews do not practice embalming today. The embalming process consisted of infusing and soaking the body with balsam or cedar oil and natrum, a form of native sodium carbonate, found in a lake in the Lybian desert (Zohar 1:250b, 2:141b; Sh'muel ben Chofni; Abarbanel. Cf. Herodotus 2:87; Diodorus Siculus 1:91). It appears that he was prepared as a mummy (Sh'muel ben Chofni).

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