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Genesis VaYigash
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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46:30 'Now I can die,' said Israel to Joseph. 'I have seen your face, and you are still alive.'
Vayomer Yisra'el el-Yosef amutah hapa'am acharey re'oti et-paneycha ki odcha chay.
46:31 To his brothers and his father's family, Joseph said, 'I will go and tell Pharaoh. I will say the following to him: 'My brothers and my father's family have come to me from Canaan.
Vayomer Yosef el-echav ve'el-beyt aviv e'eleh ve'agidah le-Far'oh ve'omrah elav achay uveyt-avi asher be'erets Kena'an ba'u elay.
46:32 These men deal in livestock and are tenders of sheep. They have brought along their sheep, their cattle, and all their possessions.'
Veha'anashim ro'ey tson ki-anshey mikneh hayu vetsonam uvekaram vechol-asher lahem hevi'u.

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