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46:21 Benjamin's sons: Bela, Bekher, Ashbel, Gera, Naaman, Echi, Rosh, Muppim, Chuppim and Ard.
Uveney Vinyamin Bela vaVecher ve'Ashbel Gera veNa'aman Echi vaRosh Mupim veChupim va'Ard.
46:22 The above are [from] the sons that Rachel bore to Jacob. There are 14 in all.
Eleh bney Rachel asher yulad le-Ya'akov kol-nefesh arba'ah asar.
46:23 Dan's sons: Chushim.
Uvney Dan Chushim.
46:24 Naphtali's sons: Yachtze'el, Guni, Yetzer and Shilem.
Uveney Naftali Yachtse'el veGuni veYetser veShilem.


Benjamin's sons
  In Numbers 26:38, they are listed as Bela, Ashbel, Achiram, Shefufam and Chupam (see Rashi; Ibn Ezra on Numbers 26:12). There is a still different count in 1 Chronicles 8:1 (see Radak, Ralbag ad loc.). Some say that the Benjamin mentioned in 1 Chronicles 7:6 is not Jacob's son (Radak; Malbim). Cf. 1 Chronicles 7:10, Ezra 10:22, Nehemiah 3:23.

  Mentioned in Numbers 26:38, 1 Chronicles 7:6, 8:1.

  Also in 1 Chronicles 7:6, but not in Numbers or 1 Chronicles 8:1. Some say that he was a grandchild of Benjamin (Radak on 1 Chronicles 8:1). See 2 Samuel 20:1. Also see Numbers 26:35.

  Also in Numbers. In 1 Chronicles 8:1 he is counted as Benjamin's second son. Some say that he is the Yediel in 1 Chronicles 7:6 (Rashi, Radak).

  It is possible that he was a son of Bela and thus a grandson of Benjamin; cf. 1 Chronicles 8:3, 8:5 (Ralbag). Also see 1 Chronicles 8:7, Judges 3:15, 2 Samuel 16:5.

  Also a son of Bela, and a grandson of Benjamin; Numbers 26:40 (Ibn Ezra here; Rashi, Ramban, on Numbers (26:24). Also see 1 Chronicles 8:4,7.

  Achiram in Numbers 26:38 (Rashi, Ibn Ezra ibid.). Possibly Achiyah in 1 Chronicles 8:7 and Acho'ach in 1 Chronicles 8:5. Cf. 2 Samuel 23:9, 23:28. He may also be called Echud in 1 Chronicles 8:6. Significantly, Josephus refers to him as Yess (Antiquities 2:7:4).

  Not mentioned elsewhere. But see 2 Samuel 15:32, 16:1.

  Shefufam or Shufam in Numbers 26:39 (Rashi, Ibn Ezra ibid.). Also Shefufan in 1 Chronicles 8:5 (Ralbag), and Shupim in 1 Chronicles 7:12,15.

  Also in 1 Chronicles 7:12,15. In Numbers 26:38 it is Chupam (Ibn Ezra ibid.).

  A son of Bela; Numbers 26:40. Possibly the Adar in 1 Chronicles 8:3. (see Sh'muel ben Chofni).

Dan's sons
  Although there was only one son, this is a formulaic usage (Bava Bathra143b). See Numbers 26:8, 1 Chronicles 2:7, 2:8, 3:22, 4:13, 4:15, 7:17, 2 Samuel 23:32 (Sh'muel ben Chofni Gaon). However, some say that Dan had other sons who died (Ibn Ezra). Indeed, ancient sources state that Dan had four other sons, Shimon, Asudi, Yocha, and Sh'lomo, but they died the year he came to Egypt (Yov'loth 44:28,29). According to others, he had more sons later (Tosafoth, Bava Bathra 143b, s.v. She-hayu).

Many of the discrepancies may be explained in this manner, since it is possible that the individuals named here died childless, while others were born later and are mentioned in Numbers and Chronicles. Sub-tribes could have also become extinct or changed their names. Obviously, a complete analysis is beyond the scope of these notes.

  Shucham in Numbers 26:42. See 1 Chronicles 7:12. According to Talmudic tradition, Chushim was deaf (Sotah 13a) and extremely powerful (Bereshith Rabbah 93). It was he who killed Esau (Sotah 13a).

Naphtali's sons
  See Numbers 26:48,49, 1 Chronicles 7:13. According to ancient sources, Naphtali had another son Ivi, who died (Yov'loth 44:31).

  Also in Numbers 26:49. But in Chronicles, it is Shalum.

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