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45:23 [Joseph] sent the following to his father: Ten male donkeys, loaded with Egypt's finest products, as well as ten female donkeys, loaded with grain, bread, and food for his father's journey.
Ule'aviv shalach kezot asarah chamorim nos'im mituv Mitsrayim ve'eser atonot nos'ot bar valechem umazon le'aviv ladarech.
45:24 He sent his brothers on their way. As they were leaving, he said to them, 'Have a pleasant journey!'
Vayeshalach et-echav vayelechu vayomer alehem al-tirgezu badarech.


Have a pleasant journey
  Literally, 'Do not have agitation (or anger) on the way.' This can be interpreted as 'do not have any discomfort on the way (Ibn Janach; Radak; Hirsch), or 'have a pleasant journey.' Alternatively, the expression can be interpreted, 'Do not have any fear on the way' (Bekhor Shor); 'Do not worry while you're gone' (Rashbam); 'Do not quarrel on the way' (Rashi; Ibn Ezra; Septuagint); 'Don't get in trouble on the way' (Targum Yonathan); 'Don't get too involved on the way' (Taanith 10a; Rashi); or 'Don't rush too much on the way' (Bereshith Rabbah 94).

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