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42:14 'I still say that you are spies,' replied Joseph.
Vayomer alehem Yosef hu asher dibarti alechem lemor meraglim atem.
42:15 'There is only one way that you can convince me. By Pharaoh's life, [all of] you will not leave this place unless your youngest brother comes here.
Bezot tibachenu chey Far'oh im-tets'u mizeh ki im-bevo achichem hakaton henah.
42:16 Let one of you go back and bring your brother. The rest will remain here under arrest. This will test your claim and determine if you are telling the truth. If not, by Pharaoh's life, you will be considered spies.'
Shilechu mikem echad veyikach et-achichem ve'atem he'asru veyibachanu divreychem ha'emet itchem ve'im-lo chey Far'oh ki meraglim atem.
42:17 Joseph had them placed under arrest for three days.
Vaye'esof otam el-mishmar shloshet yamim.


I still say
  Literally, 'It is as I have said.'

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