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41:8 In the morning he was very upset. He sent word, summoning all the symbolists and wise men of Egypt. Pharaoh told them his dreams, but there was no one who could provide a satisfactory interpretation.
Vayehi vaboker vatipa'em rucho vayishlach vayikra et-kol-chartumey Mitsrayim ve'et-kol-chachameyha vayesaper Par'oh lahem et-chalomo ve'eyn poter otam le-Far'oh.
41:9 The chief wine steward spoke to Pharaoh. 'I must recall my crimes today,' he said.
Vayedaber sar hamashkim et-Par'oh lemor et-chata'ay ani mazkir hayom.


  or hieroglyphists. Chartumim in Hebrew, probably from the ancient Egyptian cher themu, chief writer (cf. Ibn Ezra). See Exodus 7:11 (and Hirsch ad. loc.), Daniel 1:20. Inscriptions were thought to have magic power, and were used for divination. Others say that they used the bones of the dead for their incantations (Rashi).

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