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41:36 The food can then be held in reserve for the land when the seven famine years come to Egypt. The land will then not be depopulated by the famine.'
Vahayah ha'ochel lefikadon la'arets lesheva shney hara'av asher tihyenah be'erets Mitsrayim velo-tikaret ha'arets bara'av.
41:37 Pharaoh and all his advisors considered it an excellent plan.
Vayitav hadavar be'eyney Far'oh uve'eyney kol-avadav.
41:38 Pharaoh said to his advisors, 'Can there be another person who has God's spirit in him as this man does?'
Vayomer Par'oh el-avadav hanimtsa kazeh ish asher ruach Elohim bo.

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