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Genesis VaYishlach
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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34:12 Set the bridal payment and gifts as high as you like - I will give whatever you demand of me. Just let me have the girl as my wife.'
Harbu alay me'od mohar umatan ve'etnah ka'asher tomru elay utenu-li et-hana'arah le'ishah.
34:13 When Jacob's sons replied to Shechem and his father Chamor, it was with an ulterior motive. After all, they were speaking to the one who had defiled their sister Dinah.
Vaya'anu vney Ya'akov et-Shchem ve'et-Chamor aviv bemirmah veyedaberu asher time et-Dinah achotam.
34:14 'We can't do that,' they said. 'Giving our sister to an uncircumcised man would be a disgrace to us.
Vayomru aleyhem lo nuchal la'asot hadavar hazeh latet et-achotenu le'ish asher-lo orlah ki-cherpah hi lanu.

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