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Genesis VaYetse
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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31:6 'You know full well that I served your father with all my strength.
Ve'atenah yedaten ki bechol-kochi avadeti et-avichen.
31:7 Your father swindled me and changed his mind about my pay at least ten times, but God would not let him harm me.
Va'avichen hetel bi vehechelif et-maskurti aseret monim velo-netano Elohim lehara imadi.
31:8 If he said, 'Your pay will be the spotted ones,' then all the animals gave birth to spotted young. If he said, 'Ringed ones will be your wage,' then all the animals dropped ringed ones.
Im-ko yomar nekudim yihyeh secharecha veyaldu chol-hatson nekudim ve'im-ko yomar akudim yihyeh secharecha veyaldu chol-hatson akudim.
31:9 God thus eroded your father's livestock and gave it to me.
Vayatsel Elohim et-mikneh avichem vayiten-li.

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