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Genesis VaYetse
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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31:37 You inspected all my things - what did you find from your house? Place it right here! In front of my relatives and yours! Let them determine which of us is right!
Ki-mishashta et-kol-kelay mah-matsata mikol kley-veytecha sim koh neged achay ve'acheycha veyochichu beyn shneynu.
31:38 'Twenty years I worked for you! All that time, your sheep and goats never lost their young. Not once did I ever take a ram from your flocks as food.
Zeh esrim shanah anochi imach recheleycha ve'izeycha lo shikelu ve'eyley tsoncha lo achalti.
31:39 I never brought you an animal that had been attacked - I took the blame myself. You made me make it good whether it was carried off by day or by night.
Trefah lo-heveti eleycha anochi achatenah miyadi tevakshenah genuvti yom ugenuvti laylah.


carried off...
  Or 'stolen.' See Exodus 22:12.

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