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Genesis VaYetse
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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31:32 If you find your gods with anyone here, let him not live! Let all our close relatives here be witnesses. See if there is anything belonging to you and take it back.' Jacob did not realize that Rachel had stolen them.
Im asher timtsa et-eloheycha lo yichyeh neged acheynu haker-lecha mah imadi vekach-lach velo-yada Ya'akov ki Rachel genavatam.
31:33 Laban went into the tents of Jacob, Leah, and the two handmaids, but he found nothing. When he left Leah's tent, he went into Rachel's.
Vayavo Lavan be'ohel-Ya'akov uve'ohel Leah uve'ohel shtey ha'amahot velo matsa vayetse me'ohel Leah vayavo be'ohel Rachel.


Rachel had stolen them
  Jacob's curse came true (Genesis 35:18).

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