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 30:10  30:11
30:7 Rachel's handmaid Bilhah became pregnant again and had a second son by Jacob.
Vatahar od vateled Bilhah shifchat Rachel ben sheni le-Ya'akov.
30:8 Rachel said, 'I have been twisted around with my sister through all of God's roundabout ways (naphtuley), but I have finally won.' She therefore named the child Naphtali.
Vatomer Rachel naftuley Elohim niftalti im-achoti gam-yacholti vatikra shmo Naftali.
30:9 Leah realized that she was no longer having children. She took her handmaid Zilpah and gave her to Jacob as a wife.
Vatere Leah ki amedah miledet vatikach et-Zilpah shifchata vatiten otah le-Ya'akov le'ishah.
30:10 Leah's handmaid Zilpah bore Jacob a son.
Vateled Zilpah shifchat Leah le-Ya'akov ben.
30:11 'Good fortune (gad) has come!' exclaimed Leah. She named the child Gad.
Vatomer Leah ba gad vatikra et-shmo Gad.


I have been twisted...
  (Rashi). A difficult phrase, also interpreted, 'I have offered many prayers to God regarding my sister, and I have been answered.' (Targum; Rashi); 'With divine bonds I have been bound to my sister' (Menachem ben Seruk in Rashi); 'With divine struggles I have struggled with my sister' (Ibn Ezra); or 'Divine mysteries have been hidden from me regarding my sister' (Malbim).

Good fortune
  Or 'success.' (Targum Yonathan; Rashi; Josephus). Others render it, 'A troop has come,' (Ibn Ezra), that is, 'she (Leah) has had a troop of sons,' or 'let him be considered as many children.' Also see Genesis 49:19. Or, 'I have been vindicated' (Saadia).

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