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Genesis VaYetse
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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30:39 The animals mated in the presence of the wands, and the young they bore were ringed, spotted and streaked.
Vayechemu hatson el-hamaklot vateladnah hatson akudim nekudim utlu'im.
30:40 Jacob segregated the young animals. Still, he made the animals in Laban's flocks look at the ringed ones and all those with dark markings. But he bred his own flocks separately, and did not let them breed with Laban's flocks.
Vehaksavim hifrid Ya'akov vayiten peney hatson el-akod vechol-chum betson Lavan vayashet lo adarim levado velo shatam al-tson Lavan.

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