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27:4 Make it into a tasty dish, the way I like it, and bring it to me to eat. My soul will then bless you before I die.'
Va'aseh-li mat'amim ka'asher ahavti vehavi'ah li ve'ochelah ba'avur tevarechecha nafshi beterem amut.
27:5 Rebecca had been listening while Isaac was speaking to Esau, his son. Esau went out to the field to trap some game and bring it home.
VeRivkah shoma'at bedaber Yitschak el-Esav beno vayelech Esav hasadeh latsud tsa'id lehavi.


the way I like it
  See Genesis 25:28. Isaac wanted Esau to have the merit of parental honor, since this would make him worthy of a spiritual blessing (Sforno). Isaac may have known of Esau's shortcomings, but felt that the blessing would improve him (Radak). Isaac was not aware of the prophecy (Genesis 25:23) or of the fact that the birthright legally belonged to Jacob (Genesis 25:33), and hence the blessing would automatically go to Esau (Ramban).

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