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Genesis Toledot
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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27:29 Nations will serve you; governments will bow down to you. You shall be like a lord over your brother; your mother's children will prostrate themselves to you. Those who curse you are cursed, and those who bless you are blessed.'
Ya'avducha amim veyishtachavu lecha le'umim heveh gevir le'achecha veyishtachavu lecha beney imecha orereycha arur umevarachecha baruch.
27:30 Isaac had finished blessing Jacob, and Jacob had just left his father Isaac, when his brother Esau came back from his hunt.
Vayehi ka'asher kilah Yitschak levarech et-Ya'akov vayehi ach yatso yatsa Ya'akov me'et peney Yitschak aviv ve'Esav achiv ba mitse'ido.


Those who curse you...
  See Genesis 12:3.

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