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Genesis Chayey Sarah
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  Chayey Sarah
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Chayey Sarah

25:5 Abraham gave all that he owned to Isaac.
Vayiten Avraham et-kol-asher-lo le-Yitschak.
25:6 To the sons of the concubines that he had taken, Abraham [also] gave gifts. Then, while he was still alive, he sent them to the country of the East, away from his son Isaac.
Velivney hapilagshim asher le-Avraham natan Avraham matanot vayeshalechem me'al Yitschak beno be'odenu chay kedmah el-erets Kedem.


country of the East
  It seems that all these lived in the Arabian peninsula, and Josephus supports this. He also writes that they took over the lands of the Troglodytes, an ancient people living along the Red Sea (Antiquities 1:15:1; see Herodotus 4:183; Didorus 3:31; Strabo 17:771).

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