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20:16 To Sarah he said, 'I am giving your 'brother' a thousand pieces of silver. Let it be compensation for you and all who are with you for all that has been done. You can stand up tall.'
Ule-Sarah amar hineh natati elef kesef le'achich hineh hu-lach ksut eynayim lechol asher itach ve'et kol venochachat.
20:17 Abraham prayed to God, and God healed Abimelekh, as well as his wife and slavegirls, so that they were able to have children.
Vayitpalel Avraham el-ha'Elohim vayirpa Elohim et-Avimelech ve'et-ishto ve'amehotav vayeledu.


am giving
  Literally, 'have given.' (See HaKethav VeHaKabbalah).

  A difficult idiom, literally translated as 'an eye covering.' Thus, 'something to prevent you from seeing any more evil' (cf. Ibn Ezra; Rashi). Others interpret it as a vindication, something that will cover other people's eyes and prevent them from seeing wrong (Rashbam). Another interpretation is that '[the money] will cover people's eyes and prevent them from looking at you wantonly' (Ramban). Other commentators take it literally, as a veil to show that Sarah was a properly married woman (HaKethav VeHaKabbalah). Still other sources translate eynayim as 'colors' rather than 'eyes,' and render the phrase, 'let [the money] be used to buy you a colorful cloak' (Radak). Finally, some make the subject of the phrase Abraham: '[Abraham] shall be for you as an eye-covering,' however the latter expression is translated (Ibn Ezra).

for all that has been done
  (Rashi). Others connect it to the end of the verse, 'Before everyone you stand tall' (Ibn Ezra).

stand up tall
  (Cf. Rashi). Others have, 'You should have learned a lesson from all this' (Targum; Ibn Ezra). Since this entire sentence involves ancient idioms, it is extremely difficult to interpret and translate.

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