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Genesis VaYera
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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18:21 I will descend and see. Have they done everything implied by the outcry that is coming before Me? If not, I will know.'
Erdah-na ve'er'eh haketsa'akatah haba'ah elay asu kalah ve'im-lo eda'ah.
18:22 The men turned from where they were, and headed toward Sodom. Abraham was still standing before God.
Vayifnu misham ha'anashim vayelechu Sedomah ve'Averaham odenu omed lifney Adonay.
18:23 He came forward and said, 'Will You actually wipe out the innocent together with the guilty?
Vayigash Avraham vayomar ha'af tispeh tsadik im-rasha.
18:24 Suppose there are fifty innocent people in the city. Would You still destroy it, and not spare the place for the sake of the fifty good people inside it?
Ulay yesh chamishim tsadikim betoch ha'ir ha'af tispeh velo-tisa lamakom lema'an chamishim hatsadikim asher bekirbah.


  See note on Genesis 11:5.

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