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30:2 Jacob became furious with Rachel. 'Shall I take God's place?' he said. 'It is He who is holding back the fruit of your womb.'
Vayichar-af Ya'akov beRachel vayomer hatachat Elohim anochi asher-mana mimech pri-vaten.
30:3 [Rachel] said, 'Here is my handmaid Bilhah. Come to her and let her give birth on my lap. Through her I will then also have a son.'
Vatomer hineh amati Vilhah bo eleyha veteled al-birkay ve'ibaneh gam-anochi mimenah.


on my lap
  Literally, 'on my knees.' This denotes that the child born would be considered hers. The woman giving birth would sit on the lap of the foster mother, using the lap like a birthstool (see Exodus 1:16). The child would then appear to emerge between the legs of the foster mother.

have a son
  See Genesis 16:2.

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