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Deuteronomy Ha'azinu
  Ki Tetse
  Ki Tavo
  Vezot HaBerachah
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32:20 He said:

I will hide My face from them, and see what will be their end. They are a generation which reverses itself and cannot be trusted.
Vayomer astirah fanay mehem er'eh mah acharitam ki dor tahpuchot hemah banim lo-emun bam.

32:21 They have been faithless to Me with a non-god, angering Me with their meaningless acts. Now I will be unfaithful to them with a non-nation, provoking them with a nation devoid of gratitude.
Hem kin'uni velo-el ki'asuni behavleyhem va'ani akni'em belo-am begoy naval ach'isem.


hide My face...
  See Deuteronomy, 31:18.

and see...
  (Targum Yonathan; Rashi). Or, 'because I see their end' (Targum; Ibn Ezra); or, 'because I see they have no future' (Sforno; HaKethav VeHaKabbalah).

reverses itself
  (Abarbanel; Hirsch). Tah'pukhoth in Hebrew. Or, 'easily changed' (Radak, Sherashim; Chizzkuni); 'turns the wrong way' (Ibn Ezra); or, 'that seeks contradictions' (Ralbag).

cannot be trusted
  Or, 'has no faith' (Sifri). Or, 'that has no one to raise them correctly' (Rashi).

  That is, 'violated My demand for exclusiveness' (see Exodus 20:5). Or, 'provoked Me to jealousy.'

  (Rashi). Or, 'non-power' (Ibn Ezra). Or, 'by [saying that I am] not [their] God' (see Deuteronomy 32:21 'non-nation').

  (Rashi; Ramban). Or, 'by [declaring that they] are not [My] nation' (Ibn Ezra).

devoid of gratitude
  See note on Deuteronomy 32:6.

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